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Sold Out Sales and Marketing have rebranded as Fireshine Games.

Hi everyone!  We are excited to announce a company re-branding to Fireshine Games

Over the last few of years, as many of you will have noticed, we here at Fireshine Games have delved deeper into the world of digital games, working on some exciting titles such as Core Keeper, Silt and KeyWe and though we won’t be stepping away from our physical releases for Rebellion, T17 and Frontier, we decided we wanted a brand name that better suits our company going forward, after all, it’s very difficult for digital games to be Sold Out!

So why Fireshine Games?

We took a deep look at the qualities and values of our company and what we want to represent.  We worked with an amazing brand guru, Lidia from The Brand Storyteller and our journey led us to become Fireshine Games.

We see it as a symbol of the warmth and togetherness that we have built within our company, something we bring to everyone we work with.  It also our strong belief in shining a light on great indie games!

We here at Fireshine games are all excited to take the next step on our journey, alongside with all of you.

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