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These Doomed Isles

Play God in this survival city-builder with roguelike deckbuilding mechanics!
Developer: Triplevision Games Limited
Genre: Survival City-Builder
Release Date: Out Now - Early access ($14.99/£11.99)
Age Ratings: NA

Digital EXclusive

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About These Doomed Isles

In this survival city-builder, you are a God who must build & defend island settlements. Use your powers to harvest resources, provide shelter for your followers & protect your settlement from attacks, plague, starvation & more. Place land to expand, but beware of what lurks beyond the horizon!

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Game Features

Create life from nothing.
Craft a deck of cards to create land and place forests, rivers, mountains and more. Bring the world to life with powerful cards, relics and miracles.

Build settlements for your followers.
Build homes for your followers, carefully manage their requirements and give them the tools they need to exploit the environment you’ve created.

Harvest cards to craft the deck you want.
Manage the cards in your deck to ensure you can thrive (or, at the very least, survive) until the next harvest. Build your deck any way you want to find different solutions to the challenges that you’ll face.

Will you survive these doomed isles?
You’ll face increasing challenges as natural disasters scar your land and waves of raiders and mythical sea monsters attack from beyond the horizon. Learn from your failures and try a different strategy every time that you play.

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