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The Knight Witch Deluxe Edition

Shoot ‘Em Up Spellcasting Sorcery
Developer: Super Mega Team
Genre: Shoot'Em Up
Release Date: 23rd May 2023
Age Ratings: PEGI: 12, ESRB: Everyone 10+

About The Knight Witch Deluxe Edition

The Knight Witch offers up a series of accessibility and assist options so knight witches of all abilities can help save the kingdom.

Alongside an intuitive auto aim system to quickly lock on and destroy enemies, and a main story navigation system that points players through the city’s streets, there are a series of ‘cheats’ that can be unlocked that allow players to customise their gameplay experience.

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Game Features

Shoot ‘Em Up Spellcasting Sorcery: Encounter evil foes and choose whether to wield Rayne’s magic or use her weapons and wits to take them down.

Body and Mind: The Knight Witch Duality: Customize Rayne’s unique playstyle, upgrading Knight abilities for a more fast-paced shoot ‘em up experience, or strengthen Witch magic and explore different deckbuilding strategies with over 40 unique spell cards to choose from.

Build Trust & Make Lasting Bonds: Knight Witches become stronger with gratitude and trust and can earn it in many ways, not all of which are sincere – the choice to choose popularity over honesty lies in the players hands.

Forward-Thinking Accessibility: The Knight Witch has been designed as a Metroidvania without barriers; with an intuitive on/off ‘auto-aim’ system, world-altering ‘cheats’ and a focused main story navigation system – players will never get lost and can tailor the game to their level of play.

Super Mega Team: The Knight Witch is brought to you by a veteran team of developers behind titles including RiME, Moonlighter, and Plants VS Zombies.

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