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Tales of Seikyu

Immerse yourself in a fantasy farming adventure amidst yokai legends.
Developer: ACE Entertainment
Genre: Farming-Sim / Life-Sim
Release Date: Coming Soon
Age Ratings: N/A
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About Tales of Seikyu

Embark on your new life in Seikyu! Immerse yourself in a fantasy farming adventure amidst yokai legends.

Restore your countryside inn, form connections with extraordinary islanders, and uncover the hidden wonders of this magical world!


Game Features

Retreat to the Countryside, Manage a Farm in a World of Yaokai
Adhere to the seasonal rhythms to cultivate crops; construct coops and barns for eggs and dairy; utilize a variety of local ingredients to craft unique recipes; renovate old buildings, expand rooms, decorate with furniture, and create either a cozy pastoral setting or a luxurious monster inn. Become the premier rancher, revitalizing the once dilapidated and abandoned farmhouse!

Shape-shift Your Way Through Mysteries: Unleash Unique Abilities with Divine Masks
Venture into the divine realm, a maze brimming with intriguing puzzles, and obtain ability-enhancing masks. Transform into a crow tengu and soar freely in the skies of Seikyu. Whether climbing cliffs effortlessly as a Dryad with vine powers, or diving deep as a Slime in search of hidden treasures, use your creativity to solve puzzles in novel ways.

Unveil Hidden Stories: Nurture Friendships and Romances with Villagers
Engage with 30 unique characters are ready to cross paths with you, each possessing a captivating storyline interwoven with Seikyu’s world and the village. Can you unlock their hearts, empathize with their joys and sorrows, and as emotions intensify, will you find yourself fostering friendships and potentially blossoming romances?

Team up with friends to uncover the secrets of the world
Invite friends to join you in the mystical Seikyu to explore its secrets together. As a team, challenge the divine realm to recover lost treasures, demonstrate the strength of friendship against adversaries, collaborate on the farm, or work together to build your own manor. Or, for more tranquil moments, simply relax in a town corner, enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine.

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