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Big Crown: Showdown

Don your Knightly armour in a colourful 3D world full of medieval shenanigans!
Developer: Hyper Luminal Games
Genre: Multiplayer Party Brawler
Release Date: Out Now
Age Ratings: TBC
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About Big Crown: Showdown

Don your Knightly armour in a colourful 3D world full of medieval shenanigans!
Big Crown: Showdown is a family party-brawler where friends become foes in a frantic fight for the Crown. Engage in chaotic combat as you attempt to knock your opponents off the obstacle course, avoid perilous hazards and ascend to royalty!

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Game Features

The Characters
Our intrepid ham-fisted heroes. Their rivalry knows no bounds and they care for nothing more than screwing each other over at any opportunity. They’ve found themselves trapped within the Big Crown Showdown by Fonkin and should probably try and get themselves out…if they can pull themselves away from their DringleBox for long enough.
This guy means business and boy does he know it. Narcissistic, vain and delightfully theatrical, Fonkin will stop at nothing to show the world how dastardly a villain he is, even though the four Knights really don’t care as much as they should. He created the Big Crown Showdown to amuse himself, going as far as to put his own stolen Crown up for grabs. What a weirdo!
Old, wrinkly and now pretty dead, Old King Krabbit lived his life the same way he died: falling through stuff. The all-powerful Big Crown used to sit atop his crusty old head until that dastardly wizard Fonkin pinched it. Krabbit was never seen again after being booted out of his chamber window by that no-good wizard. Some folks say that he’s still falling out of that window…
The World
As if it wasn’t cold enough already, Fonkin decided to entomb the entirety of Shivershire in a colossal glacier. This minor incident occurred after Fonkin tried to ‘borrow’ the North-kin’s magic stones, to which they politely declined, calling Fonkin a ‘One-eyed Gundygut’. So they probably deserved it.
Kasseltoon used to be on the ground. Now it’s in the sky. Peasants with vertigo didn’t adjust too well but all things considered they get by. The Kings Tower sits in the middle, currently inhabited by one Fonkin the Great. He doesn’t entertain cold callers.
Hot enough to melt even Fonkin’s icy heart, the Zoggysands cascade as far as your eyes can see. The Mummys here shuffle around restlessly, after being rudely awakened by a certain mischievous wizard. Not only that but he decided to flood the place! Makes getting around a little tricky, especially when you’re wrapped in highly absorbent burial rags.

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