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Join the Fireshine Ambassador Program


Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Be the first to access keys, updates, expansions, etc...
for games from our catalogue, both for yourself and giveaways
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Potential opportunities to meet, chat to & interview game developers
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
The opportunity to consult on games in their earliest stages to help create their most content friendly version
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Potential opportunities to be invited to private events & international events such as EGX or Gamescom
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Asset kits for both the program & individual games
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Social amplification across our channels & other opportunities to amplify your content such as us streaming your content on our Steam pages
Fireshine Brand Ambassador Icons
Connections, opportunities to meet and network with both Fireshine Games staff & other members of the Ambassador Discord.

Ambassador responsibilities

As an ambassador for Fireshine Games, we ask you kindly to be respectful of all members of the Fireshine Ambassador Community. We’re all friends here!


If you’re interested in becoming a Fireshine Ambassador, ideally you should:
Have a community of at least 1,000 followers or subscribers on your primary active content platform.
Demonstrate your passion for indie games by letting us know which is your favourite released or upcoming Fireshine title and why. (This can also be done by sharing content!)

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