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Hello, Monica Cruz here doing another blog entry about some amazing things at Fireshine .

We are once again working with the phenomenal Gayming Magazine who originally partnered with us in the summer of 2020 for DIGIPRIDE. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community it’s great to see companies celebrating more diversity within and outside workplaces.

Their site is offering interactive entertainment news, featuring their own podcast and Gayming Awards.

Fireshine is a proud top sponsor for this campaign with Gayming Magazine and has been since the beginning. Robin Gray and his Gayming Magazine Team have been helping us extend our reach to wider audiences, growing our presence within the LGBTQ+ community and, ultimately, helping us build a more inclusive space.

Fireshine prides itself on striving for inclusion and diversity on all levels and is always committed to representing the millions of people that play games and support the industry.

Digipride runs from June through August on Gayming Magazine and across Twitch.  You don’t want to miss the fantastic digital drag shows, DIGIPRIDE panels, special Let’s Play streams, weekly Rainbow Arcade DIGIPRIDE streams, special episodes of the Gayming Podcast Live and more! 

We hope you get involved and keep your eye out on what’s to come.

Published: 16th June 2021



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